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The SLOW Report Vol. 2

June 21, 2016

berries, berries and more berries,

Fruit is at its peak of ripeness, this means that the berries you bought when they first arrived at the market a month or two ago could last several days. Now, however they are too juicy to last as long. Peak season berries contain a lot of moisture, its very worst enemy because it creates mold. I find the only way to avoid losing berries to mold is to purchase less more often. Or, you could try this method.

Remember those amazing golden raspberries I posted a while back? Well, there is a new kid in town, black raspberries. I ate an entire pint looking for the perfect description, I need another pint.

Gather Weekly

Black Raspberries

Although some look as if they have mold, they do not. It’s the natural fuzz of the fruit. They taste like candy, but not super sweet.  The nutritional value of these fruits is off the charts, trust me. The season of golden and black raspberries is a bit shorter than that of the red variety. If you’re lucky to find them, buy them, eat them, freeze them, enjoy them.

After you read this excellent article on the nutritional benefits of raspberries you’ll not only put them on your grocery list but most likely they’ll be organic.

Boysenberries, red raspberries, golden raspberries and blackberries are available and will be for some time. This gold raspberries jam looks delicious.  On a hot summer day a scoop of golden raspberry and white peach sorbet will certainly cool you off.

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The SLOW Report Vol. 1

June 8, 2016

What is The SLOW Report? As a faithful farmers market shopper I was eager to read Carlo Petrini’s Slow Food Revolution in 2006. While the book lacks the salacious page-turning material of a summer poolside read, it does detail the history of how the SLOW FOOD movement was born. I’ve embraced the slow food way of life and have put my own spin on what SLOW food means to me, Seasonal, Local Organic Weekly, here is this weeks report.


Ahhhhhhhhh, Summer!

It’s feeling like a whole lotta summer here in Northern California. The market is alive with people and the offerings are diverse and plentiful. The first tomatoes, corn and figs were mostly gone by 11 AM. If you are looking to grab the first taste of summer get to your local market early!

In California, produce arrives earlier than other parts of the country. If you live outside of California, chances are you’ll be finding the same soon. Asparagus and artichokes are on their way out so enjoy them while you can. Here is what I’m finding at the market now.

At The Farmers Market

Aprils, Plums and Lemon Verbena (such an amazing fragrance!) from Full Belly Farm, Albion Strawberries from Tomatero Farm and Berries (boysenberries blackberries, red and golden raspberries) from Ortiz Farm

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