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The SLOW Week No. 5

September 17, 2017

Hello! It’s been a looooong time, hope you had a great summer!


S-shop: I can’t say it enough and especially this time of year, shop a local farmers’ market! Supply is up so prices are dropping but that won’t last long. Melons are selling for $1/pound, heirloom tomatoes for $2.50/pound and zucchini for $2/pound, all organic! You can freeze whole tomatoes in a plastic bags for winter use. Every September I make a big batch of this heirloom tomato soup and freeze, you’ll be glad you did. There is nothing like a warm bowl of this soup alongside a gooey grilled cheese on a cold winter’s night. And don’t forget to buy fruit and freeze for smoothies!

L-learn: The podcast The Splendid Table “is public radio’s culinary, culture and lifestyle program that celebrated food and it’s ability to touch the lives and feed the soles of everyone”. I especially enjoyed the most recent Seasons episode particularly the part about Gravenstein apples from Sebastopol, CA which starts at the 29:00 mark.

O-own:  salad spinner.  Of all the kitchen equipment I have (and I have a lot!!!) I use my spinner on a daily basis. I prefer spinners with 3 parts, a bowl, strainer basket and a top. They are easy to use, just fill up the bowl with cool clean water. Toss in greens or herbs and allow to sit about 15 minutes then lift out the basket. Don’t toss that water down the drain, water a plant or two! Then replace the basket and spin until dry. I then remove the greens and place on a clean kitchen towel, allowing them to air dry for a bit, just to make sure they are absolutely dry. Salad dressing will not coat wet greens. You can store your greens in the salad spinner (without water) until ready to use.

W-watch:  Pumpkin spice was so 2016! I think caramel  apple flavor is the next craze. This video of Carmel Apple Cake, Has me craving all things fall (well kinda, I’m still really really in love with tomatoes).

Have a great week!


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