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The SLOW Week

March 31, 2017


the S-L-O-W week

This is a new addition to Gather Weekly, called “SLOW Week:” ” S” for “Shop”, “L” for “Learn”, “O” for “Own” and “W” for “Watch”. In SLOW Week, I’ll share items on my radar that I’m excited about.

SHOP- Find a farmers’ market and pick a new vegetable you’ve never tried before. Don’t worry about how you’ll cook or use it, the “interwebs” is full of information:) Google it and you’ll find something that appeals to you, I guarantee it! Today I bought rapini , although I’ve eaten it in restaurants I’ve never cooked with it before. A quick on-line search has me thinking sautéed with garlic and red chili pepper flakes. I’ll report back.

LEARN- Listen to a podcast. I love Evan Kleiman from KCRW’S Good Food. Although, based in LA,  only a little of the content is specific to Southern California. She has interviews with chefs, farmers, authors and more. Additionally, there is a weekly market report on what is in season from LA’s farmers and chefs, and then offers seasonal tips and recipes.

OWN-Do you own a good knife? If you cook often you owe it to yourself to use a quality knife. It is by far the most important piece of equipment in your kitchen. A good knife will last a lifetime if cared for properly.  A sharp blade is less of a safety hazard, dull knives can slip which can lead to cutting your fingers rather than that carrot.

WATCH-When I want to be swept off to a far away place, I watch Chef’s Table on Netflix. But be warned, you’ll either be making plane reservations or grabbing a snack mid-way through an episode. My favorites are Dan Barber, Francis Mallman and Dominique Crenn.

Have a great week!

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