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The Upside of a Downpour

March 11, 2016

Braving the Thursday Marin Farmers Market on a rainy day has its advantages. Parking is a snap. And light crowds gives you the opportunity to talk to the vendors. Farmers can guide you in ways to select, prepare and store their produce better than anyone. And when it is slow, the farmers have more time to answer questions-and tell you about what they’re excited about.

Ever heard of the frilly red mustard green, Ruby Streaks? It’s exciting!

Toss in pasta dishes or add to salads for a peppery bite. This Ruby Streaks salsa verde sounds perfect with grilled chicken. For a weekend brunch I’m having, I plan to make this Ruby Streaks Tart .


It’s important to support farmers, rain or shine. They rise while it is still dark, pack their trucks and drive great distances to deliver fresh produce to us. By avoiding distribution channels and multiple handlers,we receive produce at its peak of freshness – the opposite of what you can buy at the store. Did you know that, on average, it takes 5 days for produce to arrive at grocery stores after being harvested? As much as 40% of nutrients are lost during this period.

Gorgeous red, pink and yellow beets from Full Belly Farm. Gather Weekly

And then I did it again…

I mean, really, how can you resist an endless array of colorful produce – especially when it is glistening with raindrops? Walking down the aisles, I find it difficult to walk past a stall that has stacks of colorful beets, artichokes, potatoes, piles of green and red cabbage without “taking a look.” No harm in that, right? Well, needless to say my plan to not go crazy went out the window and I came home with 25 items. Including these deep purple carrots and strawberries.



Go visit a market in the rain this weekend, pick something new to try, you’ll be glad you did!


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